My favorite Underdog adventure!

Well I posted a bit about the Underdog film a short while back and that got me thinking of some of my favorite episodes!  Of course, I like them all, and I have always had an appreciation for episodes involving the mad scientist Simon Bar-Sinister & Lackey, Riff Raff, and any kind of alien invaders.  But my favorite Underdog villain was always the alien invader, Overcat.

Overcat is a natural bully and a great foil, and truth be told I always loved his style!  The plot of this 4-part adventure has to do with Overcat’s plan to steal all the earth’s cows so that his home planet can enjoy the milk.  This ends in a classic (and close) showdown with our hero, Underdog.

So sit back and enjoy the classic adventure, “Underdog vs Overcat.”

Please click a number and press play
Underdog vs Overcat – Part One
Underdog vs Overcat – Part Two
Underdog vs Overcat – Part Three
Underdog vs Overcat – Part Four

PS – Despite the closing commentary by Overcat, he was never seen or heard from again.  I suspect that maybe someday, he will return to cause more trouble for earth!  Luckily, we have no need to fear, as Underdog will certainly be here to stop him!