Sudden Urge To Bite Into A…

Now and then some really unusual stuff from around the globe crosses my desk here at the world headquarters of The Silver State Chronicles. Well, this time, a tv commercial from halfway around the world has caught my attention. It’s for a product McDonalds markets as ‘The Tomato McGrand.’

I can’t decide if the ad is sexy or creepy. Or maybe it’s sexy-creepy. Or maybe it’s creepy-sexy?

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Ronald McDonald’s Cheap Floozie

While whoever posted it on YouTube felt that this was a video of Ronald McDonald’s daughter, I tend to think she is a cheap floozie who comes by the McDonalds’ home when Mrs McD goes away for the weekend to visit her mother. Good for Ronald, I suppose! Always gotta keep an eye on those sly old dogs in clown makeup!

I also have to say I nearly fell out of my chair at the 15-16 second mark. Holy Baloney! Is McDonald’s gearing up to market the ‘McCamel Toe Royale?’

In any event, a creepy-sexy, or sexy-creepy, redhead and a catchy tune tend to be the start of something big! At least, that’s the way it’s always worked out in my life…