Here’s to Phyllis & The Pharaohs

Several weeks ago I posted The Easy Reader Theme Song as a tribute to my favorite character on PBS’s classic educational series The Electric Company. As folks who know me, not only did Easy Reader help foster my lifelong love affair with reading, but he also greatly influenced my personal wardrobe! Heavy!

In any event, that post was so popular that I decided to follow it up with some more Electric Company music. I searched and found a collection of songs by The EC’s 1950s group, Phyllis & The Pharaohs: Phantom of Love, Grease, and Is It Love?. I personally like Phantom of Love the best!

Of course, that’s the extraordinarily talented Rita Morena on lead vocals, and she is backed up by Morgan Freeman, Jim Boyd, Luis Avalos, and Skip Hinnant.

This all harkens back to the wonderful 1970s, where children’s tv programming was about educating them (and not patronizing them), and when it wasn’t obsessed with selling them a toy or a candy. So sit back and enjoy these classic three songs by Phyllis & The Pharaohs.

Please make a selection and press play
Phantom of Love
Is It Love?