“Mrs. Peel, We’re Needed”

It’s no secret to those that know me personally that I have been a lifelong fan of the classic British tv series, The Avengers. Indeed, I confess that I carried around an umbrella every day during the 4th & 5th grades in an effort to emulate one of my great role models, Mr. John Steed (Patrick Macnee).

Of course, I have a different sort of affection & admiration for his greatest crime-fighting partner, Mrs. Emma Peel (Diana Rigg). But I am only human, after all! What a woman!

Truth is, while modern television does show brief lucid flashes of genuine quality, wit, & creativity suitable for all ages, nothing comes close to the sheer escapst fun of this classic series!

And it’s that very essence that this fan-made video captures! So sit back and enjoy the snazzy presentation of the classic Avengers theme and the marvelous video that accompanies, courtesy of PeterPeel at YouTube!

Please click “2” and press Play
The Avengers – Peel The Reel