True Confessions – A secret about my vast knowledge base….

Well, those that know me well know that one of my areas of expertise is the oil business and the energy industry as a whole.  Indeed, now and then I will get calls from friends and acquaintances near and far, all across the fruited plain and even abroad.  I have always been flattered by their reaching out to me when they have a question about the oil business or energy policy!

Well, now the truth can be told: everything I know about the oil business I learned watching the classic tv series Dallas in its first run!  My education starts way back at the tender age of 10, when Dallas first debuted in the Spring of 1978!

For 14 long seasons I stuck with the folks at Dallas, through thick and thin!  It’s really something that the series finally wrapped things up in 1991, when I was in my first year of law school!

The formula was simple – adapt the basic daytime soap opera approach to a weekly nighttime series, load up the cast, deliver pathos and PG rated sexual situations, and watch the ratings soar!  And soar they did!