Educational TV at it’s finest

Well, I’ll keep The Electric Company clips coming since I can tell from the web traffic stats that the prior posts in the series are quite popular!

This song is a personal favorite so I decided to share it. Football player Wally Saggitarian (Steve Hinnant) wanders into a doctor’s office with a foot injury. The doctor and nurse (Morgan Freeman and Lee Chamberlin) try to tend to him but his whining and complaining prompt the medical professionals to remind him that life has it’s pains and not to be a crybaby.

And what a wonderful message to the youth of America! Instead of indulging their bloated self importance, this song reminds the kids that sometimes they should just toughen up and work through the minor pains and difficulties of life. “So what do you really gain? It makes no sense to complain. From purple mountains to the fruited plain, everyone has pain.”

This little song is a nice composition by the very talented Joe Raposo, who contributed many songs to The Electric Company and its sibling, Sesame Street. I particularly like the line “Every globe has a Spain!” Thank you Mr Raposo for the wonderful music, and kudos to Morgan Freeman and Lee Chamberlin for doing this song justice!