Old Man Can’t is Dead

Our friends at 60 Minutes did a great extended interview with Justice Clarence Thomas this past Sunday. I missed it as my Tivo was recording PBS’s ‘The War,’ but luckily the video is available at the link above.

Justice Thomas

He is the court’s only African American, and it’s most conservative member. He is arguably the most influential black man in the country, yet he is reviled by many in his own race for his opposition to government programs intended to help minorities.

Most people know very little about him, their opinions shaped by his bitter confirmation battle in which he was accused of sexually harassing a former employee named Anita Hill. Now, 16 years later, he has written a memoir called “My Grandfather’s Son,” which lays bare a remarkable life and the events that shaped it.

Watch the interview – you’ll be glad you did!

Thomas is an impressive gentleman, and the 60 Minutes interview makes that very clear. He is often belittled in legal circles because he is notorious for not asking any questions during oral argument, which some legal eagles see as evidence of a lesser intellect. Of course, that’s a dubious conclusion, but when the liberal elite gets an idea in their fertile minds, they tend to not have the adaptive skills to modify it.

Funny how liberal types tend to consider themselves very caring about the poor and underprivileged, but when a poor and underprivileged guy like Thomas becomes a success, they just can’t stand him.

Of course, they have no sincere affection for people in power who dare to disagree with them, or who have a different world view. It has nothing to do with being poor – if you sign on to their agenda, you’re ok. If you don’t, they belittle you at best and try to destroy you at worst.

I don’t really mind that so much. but I’d rather they were just honest about it. Reminds me of people you encounter in life who insist that they are independent and don’t care what anyone else thinks, but when they run into a genuine independent person who really doesn’t care what people think, they tend to hate him or her.

Fakes, phonies, & frauds, as Mr. Bob Grant would say!

By the way, radio host Laura Ingraham interviewed Clarence Thomas on her radio show this week. Check it out here in its entirety!