Bikini Clad Olympians Thank Dubya and Infuriate NBC

America’s sweethearts, Misty May-Treanor & Kerri Walsh, fulfilled their destiny by repeating their Gold Medal win at the Olympics.  Fit and photogenic, the duo was celebrated as the rock stars of the American delegation.  Their dominance wasn’t in doubt, and they managed to bring the Gold home to the USA.

Congratulations, ladies, and kudos to you and to all of the Olympians for their outstanding accomplishments and efforts.

May-Treanor & Walsh did tick off their network overlords at NBC, though.  In their post-victory interview, they managed to sneak in a shout out to President Bush, noting him as personally inspirational to them.  NBC, of course, cut them off…

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Italian Delegation at the 2008 Olympics

Special thanks to for getting the video and making it available, because the gang at NBC worked overtime to yank this file off of YouTube!