Adding a new dimension to the word ‘invincible’

And that new dimension is ‘overrated hack.’  Losing in 14 seconds to a guy who had an 0-2 record in the UFC?  “The most incredible victory in the history of mixed martial arts?”  How much did CBS pay the announcer to embarrass himself?

The backstory is that Kimbo’s original opponent was to be Ken Shamrock, who had to bow out because of sparring injury.  Seth “The Silverback” Petruzelli was the last minute substitute, with a MMA record of 9-4-0 going into last night’s event, including a lackluster record of 0-2 in UFC competition.

He ended the night flattening the internet sensation, Kimbo Slice, an athlete that was marketed as a fearsome, invincible fighting force, mostly because he was a scary looking big black man.

The biggest loser had to be Ken Shamrock, who blew his last decent payday.  Given Kimbo’s performance, the old man might have even won, giving him a few more high profile paydays.

An exiting night at EliteXc Heat!