First Class Burger With Ease!


I decided to share with you folks one of my great contributions to Americana – the secret process of creating The Vinnie Vegas Burger!

The Vinnie Vegas Burger

  1. Take about 1/3 lb of Black Angus 85-15 ground beef, and sprinkle in some McCormick Hamburger or Montreal Steak spices. Work it into the beef, and then form into a patty. Sprinkle some more of the spices on the top and bottom of the patty.
  2. Cut a whole wheat kaiser roll in half.
  3. Place the patty onto the grill and cook to your personal taste. I like medium-well myself, or about 5-6 minutes. About 2 minutes into the grilling, place the halves of the kaiser roll on the grill for about a minute.
  4. Take the warm halves of the kaiser roll and spread some 1000 Island Dressing on the bottom bun.
  5. Spread some sweet relish on the bottom bun.
  6. Place some fresh lettuce on the bottom bun.
  7. About 30 seconds before the burger is done, place some swiss cheese on top of the patty.
  8. When the burger patty is cooked to your taste, place the patty on the bottom bun, and then spread some ketchup and spicy golden mustard on the top bun, and assemble.
  9. The Vinnie Vegas burger is done!

Serve with some steak fries, a pickle, and some small chilli peppers on the side! First class!


  1. Now and then, use an onion kaiser roll for a great, different taste!
  2. Consider using provalogne or other cheese that you like to mix things up now and then.
  3. Insert either freshly sliced or grilled onions on the bottom layer if you like onions on your burger.
  4. Use your imagination – add what you like!