It’s already my favorite TV show

So what happens when 19-year-old Jonathan Vargas wins $35 million in the Powerball Lottery?  Well, first he evidently hired a talented psychic to peek into my rich fantasy world, and drew inspiration for his vision for 21st century womens pro wrestling, Wrestlicious.

Well, to be more fair, clearly he also drew inspiration from the 1980s syndicated tv show, GLOW, The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. This is evident from the set design, the comedy skits, the individual lady wrestler raps, and the campy characterizations.

Word is Vargas is financing this all himself – a very foolish thing for him to do.  It would probably be better to front some initial cash, create a slick presentation and get some  business loans and line up some investors (particularly a cable tv channel, if he could swing it).

Instead, he appears to be what is commonly called in wrestling circles as a ‘Money Mark.’  That is, a fan with a bankroll who falls prey to some fast-talking wrestlers, and finances a dead-end promotion that lines the wrestler’s pockets and it just goes nowhere.  The fact that he has evidently been talked into an on-screen role is evidence that he may be quite gullible, indeed.

A bad signis that one of his main wrestlers, Lacey Von Erich, has already signed with TNA, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, so she won’t be a regular on Wrestlicious if it ever does see the light on day.

Word is that Wrestlicious has been in development for quite a while, with a few false starts and quite a few delays.  Though they have threatened several release dates, none of them have panned out. I wish them luck – I’d certainly watch the show.  But in the end, I think nothing will ever wind up on tv, and Vargas will be short $35 million when this is all said and done.

As a final thought, I admit like all the Wrestlicious talent, but I invite readers to take a wild stab at which one of them featured in the musical part of this promotional video is my kinda’ girl!  Besides Leyla Milani, or course (I can’t make it too easy, can I).