…for her age

adrianstreet_misslindaAnother one of my all-time favorite pro wrestling gimmicks is Exotic Adrian Street, and his valet, Miss Linda.  The gimmick is bizarre – Adrian Street played an outwardly effeminate and perfumed character, drawing some inspiration from the legendary Gorgeous George.  This allowed his opponents to taunt him by questioning his masculinity, though it was clear he was paired with his devoted valet, Miss Linda, a female bodybuilder who was bigger than he was.

Once the bell rang, Street’s persona altered.  The prissy wrestler became a frantic, violent, and brutal grappler.  He gave as good as he got, that’s for sure.  A shame the duo never brought their act to New York and the WWF, as they would have been natural opponents for several babyfaces on their mid-80’s roster, especially challenging the babyface duo of Randy Savage and Elizabeth.

Enjoy one of my favorite Adrian Street songs, “A Mighty Big Girl.”