Is Dixie Carter Insane?

On the November 5, 2009 edition of TNA Impact, TNA Wrestling owner and bigshot Dixie Carter decided to open the show with a video of a speech she gave in front of much of the TNA roster of wrestlers.  It was a strange presentation, as the clearly nervous Carter basically ordered them all to support her 100% and not dare question her leadership (even though her track record as head of TNA invites questioning).

Well that was weird.  Who wants everybody in TV Land to see your boss threatening to fire you unless you fall in line behind her questionable business moves, like signing TNA into some kind of ‘partnership’ with Hulk Hogan?

So I had some thoughts about this strange segment and emailed them to Bryan Alvarez, host of Wrestling Observer Radio, and he decided to read my email on the air and address my comments.  I’m glad to report that we are overwhelmingly on the same page.  Enjoy this brief segment from his show.


The TNA Wrestling Email

Subject: Dixie Carter to TNA Roster:  Demands 100% Loyalty
Date: November 8, 2009, 3:18 PM PST


Well, at least most of the roster. I didn’t see Nash, Steiner, Sting, Foley, Angle, Tenay or Taz.

Did you guys get a weird vibe from that segment where she demands unwavering and unquestioning loyalty from the TNA wrestlers?

I laughed when she said if you are not prepared to give 100%, then you will be working somewhere else. I had heard that some wrestlers on her roster specifically WANT to leave TNA but can’t get releases from their contracts.

I’m thinking Dixie enjoys being on tv, which isn’t good. I also figure this is laying the groundwork for Dixie to play the heel owner/authority figure to confound Hulk Hogan when he finally shows up on tv more regularly. Unless it was real, in which case it just didn’t belong on tv.

In any event, it made TNA seem small time to me.

Vinnie Vegas
Las Vegas, NV

Dixie Carter Crazy TNA Speech