Self Important, Obnoxious Liberal Mothers In Top Form

Readers of The Silver State Chronicles know that I have particular contempt for many members of the class of people known as the modern American mother.

Yep, you talk a mean game about how hard your job is, and how important it is to be a ‘great’ mom, but the fact of the matter is you have mothered a collection of obnoxious, rude, self absorbed children. But when we look past the superficial tattoos and body piercings of your precious teens, and get a good look at the person beneath the surface, we actually recoil in horror that there is nothing very meaningful there either!

You failed at mothering, plain and simple. A visit to the neighborhood mall reveals the stunning accomplishments of your neglect. A legion of nihilistic youth with no depth of knowledge and no strength character whatsoever. All the talk in the world won’t undo the damage you have done. You’ve come a long way, baby.

So it comes to no surprise that the liberal activist group had released an ad where a young mother tells GOP Presidential Candidate John McCain that he “can’t have” her precious infant Alex for his war.

First of all, Alex is an infant, and at most McCain would be president for eight years, so little Alex would not be much older than 9 when he leaves office, way too young for military service. Talk about an overprotective mom! She can’t even grasp the fact that in America, 9 year olds don’t enter the armed forces!

Nope, if anything it’s the Islamic terrorists that use young children to do their fighting.

Second, and more disconcerting, young Alex’s mom seems to think her adult child’s decisions are up to her. We have an all volunteer armed forces, there is no draft and there hasn’t been a draft since the 1970s. “You can’t have him” is about as asinine a battle cry as you can imagine. When Alex is 18, he will make his own decisions. If he wants to join the armed forces, he can do so.

And there is nothing Alex’s mom can do about it.

It’s not up to her as to whether he can join the armed forces or not. Yet, she evidently thinks she does have that power. Her self assurance and defiance is misplaced – she doesn’t have the power and influence she believes she possesses. She is truly delusional.

(Then again, she is a liberal woman. Delusional is entirely expected.)

Third, implicit in her statement is that she fully expects little Alex to let others defend him. What a narcissistic and self indulgent world view. She fully expects others to defend Alex, but isn’t prepared for Alex to actually defend himself, and defend her.

She has no intention, evidently, of letting poor Alex grow up to be a man. No, she prefers him to grow up to be a cowering sissy, and a hopeless mama’s boy. At age 18, she expects to still make his life decisions for him. And she expects him to obey her mandate. 18 years of her rearing and no doubt Alex will have no business in the military anyway – he will be soiling his diapers in adulthood as easily as he soiled them in infancy.

Mommy wants to extinguish what will make him a man and replace that with feminized world view. Yep, Alex won’t be able to defend anyone at age 18.

It’s also amusing that the ad makes no mention of Alex’s dad, either. It’s not surprising – he probably took off to get as far away from Alex’s mom as possible. It was probably worth 1/2 of what he is worth to get away from her emasculating influence. It’s too bad that little Alex is still in her clutches, though. I hope if dad did get away, he is keeping time with a very young, feminine good looking woman, and has found happiness!

Of course, if Alex’s dad didn’t find the sweet release of divorce and is still married to mommy over here, he probably wasn’t mentioned because she doesn’t give him much mind and rarely allows him to speak. Alex’s fate is worse than death, in fact – a cursed existence that is subservient to an obnoxious, pushy woman. It’s the horror that poor Alex’s dad may have lived under and hopefully escaped!

I should hope that little Alex grows up to be a man and be capable of making his own decisions. With a mom like his, the odds are strongly against it, though.