Gosh, this guy is angry, huh?

Well, funny person Sandra Bernhard let it rip on the latest object of her rage, GOP VP nominee Sarah Palin.  Evidently, Palin just gets Sandra’s goat, probably for daring to disagree with her!

Now, how cool would it be if liberal whackjobs would be 1/2 as outraged at holy warriors who pilot jetliners into skyscrapers, murdering 1000s of people.  That’s probably just too much to ask for!

Of course, when you mouth off to Sarah Palin or other conservatives, you know they will take the high road and not do anything, except perhaps pray for you.  Jidhadist on the other hand will kidnap you, set up the video camera and give you a ‘close shave’ with a handy sword!

Stay classy, Sandra!  Your movie career was so promising when King of Comedy was released, but then 1984 rolled in and you lost your momentum! It’s been a long couple of decades!