Liberals Say The Darnedest Things #1

With the Obama Administration rolling into town, we’re starting a new series here at The SSC.  In this series we will keep tabs on the lunacy that the Hope & Change crew will regularly bring to the USA!

Our first entry is the smarts and wisdom imparted by Speaker of The House, Nancy ‘Ma’ Pelosi.  At a speech, the ‘’ herself noted that 500 million Americans lose their jobs every month.  That’s quite an accomplishment, given that the entire US population is about 300 million.  Indeed, her figures suggest that we are on a pace for 6 billion Americans to be out f work by the end of 2009.  Hooverville’s coming right up!

Take a look at the video for yourself.

I have always felt that Ma Pelosi was in way over her head as Speaker of the House.  In a fair and just world, she would be better suited to run a brassiere store in Astoria Queens.