Condolences, but not missed

Well, Mr. Potato Head himself made news this weekend, taking a break from merely talking with and about those people who actually make the news for a change. At the tender age of 58, Tim Russert keeled over of a heart attack at work, busy preparing for whatever he actually did on Meet The Press.

Tim Russert

The fawning over his passing my his pals ion the media has been awful. It really just shows how insular and self absorbed the mainstream media can be.

And amidst the misplaced fawning by his peers at NBC (and all across the news dial), we had to endure the transparent jockeying for Lil’ Russ’s old job at Meet The Press. Most obnoxious was the ever-loathsome David Gregory, who seemed unable to contain himself this weekend of Lil Russ stories – no doubt in his warped mind, honoring a friend and peer takes second seat to getting that cushy desk chair at MTP.


A close second is that chubby political hack, Chrissy Matthews, who still feels that tingle running up his leg when Barry Obama enters the room. His own personal demons and man-crushes notwithstanding, I have no doubt that he wet his pants when he heard that the Meet The Press job had suddenly opened up, and he could campaign for it much like Gregory has shamelessly campaigned.

Lets not forget that Lil’ Russ was a democrat political operate in the finest tradition, spending part of his early years carrying Pat Moynihan’s bag in between Pat’s (frequent) mad dashes to the tavern. Not to be outdone, Lil’ Russ actually topped himself by spending a while carrying Mario Cuomo’s bags in between Mario’s (frequent) self important exhales. Make no mistake – for all the talk of his ‘fairness,’ Lil Russ was always a good liberal footsoldier, carrying water for the cause and masquarading it as impartial commentary.

There are several examples of his favoritism, but I think Lil’ Russ’s wide eyed, slow witted dropping of the ball with New Orleans political hack Aaron Broussard is a standout. Lil’ Russ just lets the chronic excuse maker (and evidently fantasist) Aaron Broussard spin a tall tale and cry a river, blaming everyone under the sun – except himself and his pals in charge of NO.

Aaron Broussard is a wall to wall embarrassment, but the real story is that flat-footed, slow witted Tim Russert allowing Broussard to whiz clumsy pitch after clumsy pitch right by him and not calling him on any of his BS.

Condolences to Lil’ Russ’s family – a passing at a young age like 58 is a sad event, but Edward R Murrow he was not. The media overstating his passing is embarrassing. It reveals volumes about them, and less about Russert. And it’s not flattering.