You know…

Well, Democrats set the standard for, uhhh, ahhhh, ‘articulate’ very low by being so impressed with, uhhh, ahhh, Barry Obama.  But, we knew they never had much in the way of good taste or wise judgment!  So along comes NY’s Affirmative Action case, Caroline Kennedy, as the likely next senator for The Empire State.

Caroline Kennedy

I will say this – Caroline ‘Skeletor’ Kennedy is clearly a good & fitting representative for the NY Woman.  A self important, slow witted dim bulb who is in over her head.  That pretty much describes almost every NY Woman I have ever worked with (and most of the men, too).  Caroline & NY – perfect together!

Kudos to Gateway Pundit for calling attention to this interview, and a hat tip to Cuffy Meigs over at Perfunction for having the patience to count the ‘you knows.’  For those wondering, visit Cuffy’s post and along with Caroline’s maddering verbal habit!