John Edwards, “So open and willing to try new things, and do things in new ways.”

The eyes have been described as the windows to the soul, and that’s why middle aged skank Rielle Hunter’s eyes tell us so much.  There’s more than just hint on insanity in those hills, my friends!

She’s a piece of work – a strange misplaced smile, incongruous laughter, crazy eyes, and comments that the passage of time made hilarious!

I love how their romance blossomed in such a romantic setting – a hotel bar!

Gotta like the Father of the Year’s style though – noting that the “liaison” started when his wife’s cancer was in remission.  I suppose that makes it better in his judgment.  He is quick to remind us that he doesn’t love Rielle, again a strange misplaced thought fragment that might make sense in his mind but leaves most of the rest of us puzzled.

I read a comment on YouTube where one brainiac wondered what he could possibly see in her, given that he has a smart, good wife and Rielle seems vapid and empty in comparison.  Well, Einstein, it’s a certain effervescent quality us guys commonly refer to as ‘she’s easy!’

Trust me, it can light up a room.