Finally, an endorsement that carries some weight!

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Adam West for Sean Coffey

From the venerable New York Post

Adam West gives ‘crime-fighter’ Coffey AG nod
By Brendan Scott

Holy endorsement, Batman!

The star of the campy 1960s “Batman” TV series swooped into Gotham yesterday to boost a Democratic contender for state attorney general ahead of tonight’s cliffhanger ending to the primary race.

Adam West, now 81 and living in Idaho, lent his sonorous voice to automated phone calls boosting prosecutor-turned-trial-attorney Sean Coffey for the Democratic Party’s nod to succeed Andrew Cuomo as the state’s top lawyer.

The actor famous for his cheesy, melodramatic delivery and lumpy physique channeled his classic role as the Dark Knight to assure Democrats that Coffey is the “best crime fighter” in the crowded five-way race.

“I know a thing or two about keeping Gotham City safe,” West told voters on a 45-second recorded message. “Sean is an independent voice who wants to fight those villains in Albany.”

Coffey first teamed up with West a few years back while fly fishing in Idaho’s Silver Creek, and the duo has since forged a dynamic friendship.

“I came to the conclusion Sean Coffey’s not only a good guy, but a clear thinker,” West told The Post. “I’ve been a pretend crime-fighter for years. Now, we’ve got a potential real one with him.”

The heroic assist came as voters prepared to narrow the field in key statewide races and numerous congressional and state Legislature posts.