Happy Halloween

Well, it’s that time of year again – my least favorite holiday! I started noticing back in NYC how Halloween was slowly changing several years ago. It went from a day for children to have a bit of fun by dressing up and enjoy some candy and some fun, and it suddenly became a day where degenerates of allegedly adult age would dress up and act like complete morons.

Well, the truth is that most of these folks normally act like complete morons, so the only true departure from the routine is the manner of dress. These folks have taken a fun day for children and have made it into another night where they can act irresponsibly, get drunk, and cause mayhem.

The women, on the other hand, have taken the opportunity to use Halloween to find their inner slut and dress up real trashy, leading them to make all sorts of mistakes. But at least these chicks live up to the Halloween tradition of serving up frights: one look at the rolls of fat about the midsection of the typical ‘naughty nurse,’ or of the cellulite ridden derrière of the average ‘sexy policewoman,’ and most observers do indeed experience genuine terror.

Nope – this is kids stuff. If you over-21 year old children are wondering why your personal lives are a mess, why you live in a small apartment with 5 people you barely know, and why your life isn’t coming together for you, start looking at your habits and start making better decisions. And most of all, start acting like an adult.

But that’s not to say we can’t have some fun today! Earlier in 2007 we lost one of the greats, Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett, who gave us the classic novelty tune, ‘The Monster Mash.’ Well, ‘Monster Mash’ is one of my favorite songs, so I poked around a bit and found a video of Bobby performing his song about one year ago.

So sit back and enjoy!