This is a dream come true!

Well, folks who know me well know that I am a longtime fan and admirer of that shy creature of the pacific northwest, Sasquatch.  A mighty, misunderstood being, I have always felt that he was most likely quite friendly, and merely reacts with fear when he encounters human beings.  If we could demonstrate to his species that we mean him no harm, I am sure he would be far more social!

Well, I’m poking around some sites checking out those creepy Beijing 2008 Olympic mascots, and I encounter a link to the official mascots of the 2010 Olympics to be held just to the north of the USA the city with the most nordic-looking fashion models per capita, friendly Vancouver.

Needless to say, what I discovered thrilled me!

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Mascots

So I look at Miga, who I suspect is an obnoxious French penguin.  Then I look at Sumi, who I suspect is a gay mountain climber.  OK, it’s Canada so suppose that makes sense.  Then my attention shifts to the large mascot in the middle – despite the earmuffs and snow shoes, I immediately figure it must be Sasquatch.

I must be wrong – no way that my old pal Sasquatch would be given such a prominent promotional push for the Olympics.  That would be great for his career!  So I click on the icon to get to the bottom of it.

Turns out I was right – the mascot is indeed ‘Quatchi,’ The Sasquatch!

Needless to say, the Vancover Olympics will be must see tv!