Things are rough all over!

Looks like even the tooth Fairy is feeling the economic pinch these days!


How Does the Tooth Fairy Fare in Today’s Economy?
Monday March 2, 2:00 pm ET

Annual Tooth Fairy PollSM Results Announced for 2009

Securian announced the results of the Tooth Fairy PollSM, which reports a decrease in the current average “gift” U.S. children receive from the Tooth Fairy. The average of $1.88 per tooth is down from last year’s gift of $2.09 – a 10 percent decrease.

“It seems the Tooth Fairy’s not immune to the economy – but she still did much better than the stock market,” explains Dani Fjelstad, chief financial officer for DeCare Dental, administrator for Securian Dental plans. “Compared to the Tooth Fairy’s 10 percent decrease, the Dow Jones decreased 32 percent over the same measurement period and global indices performed even worse.”

Tooth Fairy gift amounts range from a low of five cents to a high of $40 per tooth. The downward trend in Tooth Fairy gifts appears to be driven by a decrease in the number of five-dollar gifts and an increase in one dollar gifts.