A truly life affirming video


Yep, those precocious children at NYU were at it again. This time, a fearless band that called itself ‘Take Back NYU’ decided to take over a student cafeteria and provide the university with a list of demands.  The main demands seemed to have to do with financial transparency and money & supplies for a university in Gaza.

Yep, I have no idea what one has to to with the other, but evidently it all made sense to those that intrepid band of activists.

Well, the NYU brass humored them for a few days, but in the end, they lost patience with these children, and removed them from the premises.   The final shocking moments of the standoff were recorded by one of the students, who is reduced to mumbling sentence fragments evidently learned at a Social Activists Weekend Bootcamp held in The Hamptons.

“We’re using democratic process here, I don’t know if you guys understand that” and then as the cops are ending their little fun, he’s still insisting, “This is a student free space. You may not come in here.”

It must be very disheartening for these children to see their bluff called and despite their best attempts at mouthing liberal nonsense, they are peaceably rounded up and taken away to face their just and fair punishments.

I particularly find it very amusing that the spokesman for the group is still hung up on his ‘demnds’ and calls for ‘negotiation,’ as well as calls for  ‘dialogue,’ ‘democratic process,’ and ‘consensus’  even as it all unravels before his eyes.  As my friend Greg Gutfield called it, this video is truly ‘life affirming.’

PS – The whole absurdity is best illustrated at the end of the clip, where they go through a bag of supplies, deriding the NYU brass as being the type to drink ‘corporate water,’ yet most of their supplies (a Macbook PC, an Ipod, etc.) iare about as corporate as you can get!  Better luck next time, children!