Removes all doubt that he is a jackass – now it’s certain!

Thanks goodness he didn’t pose for a picture with slanted eyes!

If this incident gets more mainstream publicity, I wouldn’t be shocked if he shows up on WWE tv soon!

SI reports…

Wrestler tosses aside bronze medal

Swedish wrestler Ara Abrahamian threw away the bronze medal he won in the Greco-Roman category in disgust in a protest over judging in his semifinal bout.

Abrahamian was beaten in the 84 kg class by eventual gold medal winner Andrea Minguzzi of Italy but was disgusted by the verdict, shouting at the referee before confronting the judges. The Athens silver medal winner had to be restrained by teammates and later went on to win a bronze medal match.

But the row continued at the medal ceremony as he only grudgingly mounted the podium and after receiving his medal made a point of taking it off and leaving it in the center of the competition mat.

Swedish fans in the arena disagreed strongly with the original decision, jeering the judges, while coach Leo Myllari also weighed in.

“It’s all politics,” he said.

The medal was later returned to the sport’s governing body.