Rock’em Sock’em Elmo – New This Christmas!

Sesame Street can get pretty rough at times. Read the whole story at NBC Miami

Don’t Tickle Me Elmo: Sesame Street Character Kicks Florida Man’s Butt
Man in Elmo costume is attacked and breaks man’s fingers
By Todd Wright

He’s cute. He’s cuddly. He’s red all over. And he throws a mean right hook.

Introducing Florida’s version of Elmo.

A man wearing the Sesame Street character’s costume for a promotional event pummeled a guy in Orlando after he was attacked in a guitar shop over the weekend..

The costumed fighter’s name hasn’t been released, but he left a pretty good impression on his attacker, who told police he felt threatened by the Elmo costume. Police believe the attack was unprovoked and the attacker might have mental issues.

That guy is also in the hospital after taking on the Little Red Bull or whatever Elmo really is.

“Elmo got the best of the guy,” Winter Park police Lt. Wayne Farrell told the Orlando Sentinel. “He broke two of his fingers. Elmo was unhurt.”

Well at least now we know who the bully on Sesame Street really is.