She was a victim of circumstance

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67-year-old attack victim uses ‘Three Stooges’ defense

“I had watched the Three Stooges cartoons a long, long time ago. I actually wanted to hook his neck with the front part of my cane, I wanted to hook him and I wanted to pull him inside my kitchen,” Henrietta Lopez said.

67-year-old Henrietta Lopez is describing her first thoughts when she found a man sitting in her car outside of her Corpus Christi, Texas home Thursday night.

“So, he came to me. I don’t know if he was going to attack me or whatever he was going to do, but when he came to me, I let him know that I was not afraid of him and that I was going to take care of him,” Lopez said.

Lopez didn’t have to look very far for a weapon.

“I pulled my cane and I held it just like a baseball bat, I held it and when he came over I just let him have it over the head,” Lopez said.

She says the man tried to block his face with his arm but Lopez just kept on swinging.

“And then he decided, ‘I might as well run for my life because this lady’s not going to give up,'” Lopez said.

After Lopez ran off her would-be burglar, she says officers found him just one street over sitting on a bench, trespassing on somebody else’s property.

“He was sitting in somebody else’s house rubbing his arm, probably rubbing his head so he was sitting there pretending that he lived there,” Lopez said.

The suspect, 18-year-old Jon Michael Perales, was arrested and brought back to Lopez’s home where she identified him as the man she found on her property.

“I told him, I said, ‘Son, I hope this will be the first and the last time that you come into my yard,'” Lopez told 6 News.

And Lopez is positive he did get something out of the experience.

“Something he didn’t want, something he was not looking forward to, and something he’s not going to forget very easily. Every time he walks by my street here, he’s going to remember. And I want him to remember that,” Lopez said.