They sure can pick them, huh?

Today’s big news is that Pretty Boy John Edwards finally owned up to cheating on his cancer ridden wife.  Most amusing was that in his clearly carefully prepared statement, he notes (in his defense?) that his fling started while his wife’s cancer was in remission, and he is deliberate when he says he doesn’t own up to being the father of his girlfriend’s child.

We will see, Johnny Boy, we will see.

To guys married to liberal women: cheat on them.  They stuck by Bill Clinton as he embarrassed his wife, daughter, and cabinet. Liberal women stick by creeps like Eliott Spitzer.  If you don’t cheat on them, you’re a fool: they have no dignity anyway.

Why respect a woman who doesn’t respect herself?  Go out and bang all the floozies you can – your wives won’t complain as long as ‘the economy is good.’