Now, that’s weird

I overheard a twentysomthing begging for change comment on the matter say “Dude, that’s like, ironic!”  Read more at Wired’s Gadget Lab

Owner of Segway Company Dies in Segway Accident
By Brian X. Chen

The owner of Segway died on Sunday riding one of his company’s electric scooters off a cliff and into a river.

The 62-year-old millionaire Jimi Heselden crashed into the River Wharfe in Northern England while inspecting his North Yorkshire estate, according to multiple reports.

Heselden was riding a rugged-country version of the Segway, which was also recovered at the scene, according to the Telegraph.

Unveiled in 2001, the Segway was invented by Dean Kamen, who dreamed of launching a transportation revolution. The scooter contains five gyroscopes linked to a set of computers to monitor a rider’s center of gravity.

Heselden, chairman of Hesco Bastian and a former miner who earned millions from defense contracts, purchased the Segway company in early 2010.