Bringing civilization to an uncivilized world

Woke up this morning to the best news I have heard all year.


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“Rule, Britannia!”

The AP reports from Pakistan…

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf said Wednesday that he had requested a team of investigators from Britain’s Scotland Yard to assist in the investigation into the killing of opposition leader Benazir Bhutto.”

We decided to request a team from Scotland Yard to come. I sent the request to (British) Prime Minister (Gordon) Brown, and he accepted the request,” Musharraf said, adding that the British team would assist local investigators.

“We would like to know what were the reasons that led to the martyrdom of Benazir Bhutto. I would also like to look into it,” Musharraf said in a nationally televised address.

Opposition officials have rejected the government’s version of events surrounding Bhutto’s killing in a suicide attack after a rally Thursday and demanded an international investigation.

Musharraf’s nearly 30 minute speech was his first major address since Bhutto’s slaying.

“This is a time for reconciliation and not for confrontation,” he said.

Well, that’s genuinely reassuring. I’m a big fan of Scotland Yard, as well as the United Kingdom’s intelligence agency, MI5. I’m also a big fan of the many fictional British intelligence agencies from movies and tv over all the years!

Now this article doesn’t say if the UK has taken them up on the offer. I hope they do, as that part of the world needs a serious dose of maturity and civilization. And the UK brought it to the region once before. Maybe they can help do it again.

To be fair, I could see them wanting no part of this, and I couldn’t fault them for that reasoned conclusion.