Bringing Civilization to an Uncivilized World II

I noted on January 2nd, 2008 that Scotland Yard was asked to help with the investigation into the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. Well, today we get the word that Scotland Yard corroborates the much maligned (and somewhat ridiculed) conclusion of the Pakistani authorities.

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Scotland Yard’s Investigation

The venerable Associated Press reports…

The British investigators’ report, released Friday after a 2 1/2-week investigation, concluded that Bhutto suffered a fatal head injury when the force of a blast from a suicide bomber hurled her against a lever on the roof of her armored vehicle.

British investigators ruled out that the head injury could have been caused by a bullet. Pakistan’s government announced a similar conclusion shortly after Bhutto’s killing, which occurred Dec. 27 at the end of a political rally in Rawalpindi.

Of course, Bhutto’s disciples and family have their doubts…

Bhutto’s party has insisted that the former prime minister was shot and suspects a government cover-up because she had accused President Pervez Musharraf’s political allies of plotting to kill her.

“We disagree with the finding on the cause of the death,” said Sherry Rehman, spokeswoman for the Pakistan Peoples Party, who escorted Bhutto to hospital after the attack. “She died from a bullet injury. This was and is our position.”

“This gives us all the more reason for a United Nations probe to know the perpetrators, financiers, sponsors and organizers of the this crime,” she said.”We are looking for more than the hand that pulled the trigger.”

As if the UN is a credible body! When they figure out what’s going on in the Sudan, call me!

In any event, realize the Bhutto family, friends, and fans have a big political stake in undermining the existing government in Pakistan. I can’t see what Scotland Yard would shill for the Paki government.

This case is closed, but the Bhutto people can’t seem to grasp the straightforward concept that denial just ain’t a river in Egypt!