Rosie O’Donnell: Still Not One Of Our Brightest Minds

Shooting down the arguments presented by that lovable Ton of Funny, Rosie O’Donnell, is just too easy, really. Clearly, she isn’t a very knowledgeable woman, nor is she noted for clarity or common sense.

Yesterday’s analysis had to do with her profound misunderstanding of the ‘Three-Fifths Compromise’ of the Constitutional Convention in 1787. Today, we will explore a key observation she made about what is commonly referred to as The Tuskegee Experiment.

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Rosie O’Donnell’s History Lesson

Infecting Innocent Black Men With Syphilis?

For years I have had to suffer through warped history lessons about The Tuskegee Experiment by the occasional brilliant, forward thinking individual that would cross my life path. Whether a bright eyed child at my old college, a self important child at my old law school, or best of all, a self satisfied dimwit at one of the major law firms where I have worked, the narrative was usually the same.

“Well, I have read a few books (or seen a few documentaries) about The Tuskegee Experiment. You know, a country that would purposefully infect innocent people with syphilis is capable of anything!”

Well, whenever I hear a variation of that line, I know that the person speaking never read any books, nor saw any documentaries, about the Tuskegee Study. Or if they did, they weren’t paying much attention.

So it comes to no surprise that apologists for ‘Hollywood’ Jeremiah Wright’s suggestion that the US Government (or the US of KKKA as he likes to call it) created the AIDS virus to kill off the black population often cite the example of the Tuskegee Experiment to justify the dubious hypothesis.

That a mental midget like Rosie O’Donnell would make the argument isn’t particularly surprising, either.

Despite the certainty of the book readers and documentary watchers, the fact is that no one was infected with syphilis as part of The Tuskegee Study. Not one. It never happened.

The study started in 1932 and was designed to track the progress of tertiary-stage syphilis among 399 black men who already had the condition. The men were lied to – told that they were getting treatment when in fact the doctors were simply studying the advancement of the disease.

There was no sinister agenda to kill off the subjects of the study, and the doctors involved were not motivated by any genocidal ambitions.

To be fair, this study was dreadful. It mistreated the men, lying to them and not giving them the promised treatment. I don’t defend the study, and any moral minded person would find the study and the way it was executed to be reprehensible.

But given that truth, we have to be fair and set the record straight: the US government and the medical professionals involved in The Tuskegee Study did not infect anyone with syphilis, or any other disease for that matter. It’s an untruth.

Shame on the Wrights and O’Donnell’s of the world for being so ignorant, or so duplicitous, to perpetuate this myth.

Folks who would like to learn more can start here.