Barack Obama Lands in More Hot Water

The Golden Child himself, Barry Obama, was visiting some autoworkers when crackerjack ABC reporter Peggy Agar of WXYZ tried to ask the presumptive Democrat Presidential nominee a question.

Obama Ring-a-ding-ding

Evidently she caught ol’ Barry with his mind on more important things than her and her question, so he waves her off with “Hold on one second, Sweetie,” and promised to answer the question later, a promise he didn’t keep.

Of course, she didn’t appreciate being called ‘Sweetie,’ and her sisters in arms joined her outrage at the comment, quickly characterizing his word choice as sexist and dismissive.

Senator Obama did call her afterward and apologized to her. Now Peggy Agar has enjoyed her brief national moment, and goes back to an existence where nobody in his right mind would ever refer to her as ‘Sweetie.’

No doubt, she must be happy.