Friendly bear declares his own personal war against the Zionists!

Well, as readers of The SSC know, Assud, the homicidal Jew-eating Hamas rabbit, perished during the recent IDF attacks on the Gaza Strip.  It was inevitable that he would be replaced by another family friendly character.  Sure enough, Nassur, the cuddly Jihadist bear, hit the screen this past Friday.


No doubt he will entertain kids throughout the Middle East until his antics catch up with him and he dies a horrible death, too!

Nassur: “I will join the ranks of the Izz A-Din Al-Qassam [Hamas’] Brigades. I will be a Jihad fighter with them and I will carry a rifle. Do you know why, Saraa?” Saraa: “Why?”

Nassur: “To defend the children of Palestine, the children who were killed, the children who were wounded, the orphaned children. That’s why, from this moment, I declare war on the criminal Zionists. Not only me, me and you. You are ready, right, Saraa?” Saraa: “We are all ready to sacrifice ourselves for our homeland!”

Special thanks to my friend Palema Geller for posting this video on YouTube.   You can read her excellent blog at Atlas Shrugs.