One of the alltime greatest descriptions of Russia & Russians

Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili had a joint press conference the other day with US Secretary of State, Dr. Condaleeza Rice.  During the event, he took time to call the Russians like he saw them.

Punctuating his comments with powerful hand gestures, he noted that Georgia has done so much in recent years: built schools, hospitals, wonderful kindergartens, new roads, an amusement park, a theater with a snazzy new Dolby stereo system, a concert hall, and even an Olympic sized pool.  And then he really lets it rip by calling the Russians exactly what those lowlifes are:

“Everything that is nice and new makes them sick!  You are dealing with people who despise everything human, everything nice, everything modern, everything European, everything civilized.”

Right on, President Saakashvili!  I cheered wildly at your clear commentary!  I’m on your side and so are millions of Americans!

And may I add, you have quite a lovely young bride!  Kudos, you are a King of Men!

Mrs. Saakashvili and her husband – Please click #2 and press Play
Mikhail Saakashvili rips Russia a new one

Don’t apologize for feeling emotional, Sir. I feel emotional now, too!