Holy War Has Never Been Funnier


Living With The Infidels centers around a bumbling, Bradford-based terror cell.

Initially set on a path to martyrdom, Yorkshire’s jihadi warriors discover the West isn’t as bad as it? seems. Tempted by the likes of Man U, cable TV and ample Abi upstairs, what’s a man to do? Will they find Paradise in the arms of seventy-two virgins, or is Shangri-La closer to home, propped up at the bar in The Dog and Duck?

Episode One: Psycho Ali, the cells resident nutter, shows off the new device hes invented to? protect his manhood in the event of a suicide bomb.  Premieres Thursday, August 20th, 2009.

Their website is at LivingWithTheInfidels.com, and it ooks like it’s going to be worthwhile!  Be sure and visit their YouTube page and tune in!