Looks like a Tricorder to me

Gizmag reports an awesome new technology that clearly has its inspirational roots in the 1960s classic tv series, Star Trek!


Read on, True Believer!

A Californian based company has produced the world’s first disposable photonic lab-on-a-chip solution for next-generation water and food analysis, chemical and biological agent detection, and point-of-care diagnostics.

The PhotonicLab Platform from Bioident Technology Inc. enables rapid in-vitro diagnostics, chemical and biological threat detection, and environmental testing without the need for off-site lab analysis.

This offers greater mobility and sensitivity compared to existing biological and chemical assays and delivers a cost-effective disposable lab-on-a-chip solution by eliminating the need for complex and expensive readout systems.

Great seeing that we are well along the way to a genuine Star Trek style Tricorder!