WABC’s Curtis Sliwa Investigates…

Well, Revoltin’ Joe Biden was up to his usual antics at the big vice Presedential Debate.

To help drive home the fact that he believes himself to be an average guy, he pointed out that he hangs out at his local Home Depot, talks to working class folks about how rough they have it at a restaurant called Katie’s, and stops his friend Joey Danko at a local gas station to ask him how much it costs to fill his gas tank.  Biden notes that the hapless Danko is evidently baffled by the very concept!

While watching the debate, I thought this working class jive that Biden was preaching just didn’t pass the smell test.  Well, I was listening to the Curtis Sliwa Show on WABC radio this morning (via the miracle of the internet) and was pleased to learn that Curtis had caught the same oddities in Biden’s rap and investigated the allegations.

Curtis found out that (Clip 1) the folks at the Home Depot in Wilmington, Delaware had never seen Joe Biden in the store, (Clip 2) that Katie’s restaurant has been closed for 15 years and Biden couldn’t have discussed the recent economy with the patrons, and (Clip 3) Joey Danko sticks to his story, but insists he would never lie ‘against’ Joe Biden, which avoids the possibility that he would consider lying ‘for’ Joe Biden, I suppose.

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Joe Biden & The Home Depot
Joe Biden & Katie’s Restaurant
Joe Biden & Joey Danko, his clueless friend who doesn’t know how much it costs to fill his own gas tank

Stay classy, Joey Danko!