Olympics 2008 Opening Ceremony: The Italians enter in style!

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The Italian Delegation at the 2008 Olympics

The 2008 Olympics has already had its memorable moments.  Most notable was the truly spectacular opening ceremony (the lip-synching imp notwithstanding).  Those guys sure know how to put on a show!  And the locals seem to be genuinely proud that their nation is showcasing this great event.

I don’t watch much of the Olympics.  I actually find the event pretty boring, by and large, and the whole enterprise tends to be a bloated mess.  But I do like the opening march of the national delegations and usually try to watch it.

Well, most of the delegations come into the stadium upbeat and happy, but pretty much march onto the grounds and wave at the fans, family, and friends in the stands and watching at home.  These days many of them hold camcorders to record their great moment, and I don’t blame them.  It’s not a stoic entrance in most cases, but the delegations tend to take it seriously.

“Here come the Italians”

The Italian delegation took the field in style – carrying their paisans piggy back, mugging for the camera, slapping each other in the back of the heads, and otherwise horsing around.  Several of the women in particular were enjoying the pomp and the the attention.  Broad smiles and laughter abounded.  Even the US announcers noted just how silly they were and how much fun they were having.

Kudos to Italia – reminding everyone that you should make every experience as fun and funny as possible!