It’s a madhouse!  A madhouse!

Call me Curly, but I just don’t trust the apes & chimpanzees.  Read the whole story at The Indy Channel

Brutal Chimp Attack Sends Woman To Hospital
Witness Says Chimp Bit Woman’s Hands Off

chimp-attackPolice said a 15-year-old chimpanzee kept as a pet mauled a woman visiting the owner and left her with serious, “life-changing” injuries.

They told TV station WFSB the 200-pound chimp, named Travis, had been rambunctious all day and expressed to its owner, 70-year-old Sandra Herold, that it wanted to take a ride in the car.

Police said the chimp grabbed the keys and let himself out of the house. Herold tried to calm the chimp down by giving him tea laced with Xanax, but it didn’t seem to work, police said. Herold then called her 55-year-old friend, Charla Nash, to help.

Stamford police said when Nash pulled up to the house, the chimp ran over and mauled her. Officials called the attack “lengthy and vicious.”

Herold called 911 and went to help her friend. Police said she grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed the animal, whom she owned for nearly 15 years, repeatedly before police arrived.

Police said Travis can be heard screaming during Herold’s 911 call.

Police said Nash was transported to Stamford Hospital with life-threatening and “life-changing” injuries. Neighbors told Eyewitness News that the chimp bit the woman’s hands off.

“He bit off both her hands, I guess,” said Herold’s friend, Lynn Mecca. “The cop said he was biting her face … it’s terrible. I don’t want to talk about it.”

Police said Travis then ran over to the police cruisers and broke a mirror off one of the vehicles. They said the animal then opened the cruiser door and moved as though he was going to attack an officer.

The officer shot the chimp at close range before the animal ran off, police said.

Police said Herold was also taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. The officer whom the chimp lunged at was transported to the hospital for shock and trauma treatment, police said.

Neighbors told WFSB reporters that Travis was like a part of Herold’s family and that she viewed him as her own family.

“She lived for this chimp,” said Mecca. “This chimp was like her child.”

Police said they don’t know what prompted the attack. They said the animal had been ill with Lyme disease.

Travis the chimp was well-known around Stamford because he rode around in trucks belonging to his owners’ towing company. He’d also appeared in TV commercials.

Travis escaped his owners’ vehicle in October 2003 and ran free in downtown Stamford for two hours before police subdued him. But that disturbance was called mischievous at worst.