I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghosts!

I’m a lifelong student of the unusual, so I was intrigued by this video from Asheville, North Carolina that appears to have caught the image of a wandering ghost in the early hours of August 1, 2008.

Interestingly, it appears this ghosts casts a shadow…

WSPA reports…

Haunted High? Some Say Camera Captured Ghost at Asheville High School

By Connie LeGrand

Is an area high school haunted?  Asheville is abuzz after video was captured by a motion-activated camera at Asheville High school at 2:51 a.m. Friday, August 1.  In the video, a dark image –some say looks like the silhouette of a child- appears by an elevator.  The image advances forward and is again captured in the hallway.

It’s something, so far, the Asheville School District says can’t be explained.  Charlie Glazener, Executive Director of Public Relations for the District says, “I’m a logical person, and I wanted to be able to explain to these folks, or anybody, this is what I think it is. It’s a bat flying around here, and it casts a shadow; but then why is the shadow down here from a different angle, and it’s not in the shape of a bat?“  It’s that shadow cast on the floor that has even the skeptics perplexed.

Sarah Harrison, of the Asheville Paranormal Society says, “Well, I have watched the video and I can’t debunk it.  The fact that it set off the motion detectors means something physical was there.  The shape morphed into something that was human shaped.  I have seen many video surveillance footage of alleged ghosts and this is the only one that I can’t debunk.  Many video’s of “ghosts” are hoaxes, but I think this would be impossible to hoax.”

Teacher Martha Geitner has her own theory!  “It’s a ghost.  Of course it’s a ghost.  It’s the ghost of some former student who is really angry with his teacher and has come back to get back with the teacher, and he’s just making himself known at this time.“

A school custodian told New Channel 7’s Connie LeGrand it’s not the first time he’s seen an image like this; but he says that’s what you can expect from a building built in 1929.