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Rell Names WWE Executive To State School Board

linda_mcmahonMany of the state’s public school students are familiar with the grapplers of Stamford-based World Wrestling Entertainment.

Now the woman behind the storylines and promotion of stars such as John Cena, Triple H and the Undertaker, will be helping determine the state policies that oversee their education.

Gov. M. Jodi Rell announced Saturday that she has appointed Linda McMahon of Greenwich, the WWE’s chief executive officer, to the 11-member Board of Education.

McMahon and her more well-known husband Vince, began the company in 1982 and have since transformed it into an enterprise with annual revenues of almost $500 million.

”Linda clearly understands the skills and education needed to succeed in business and the type of highly educated and skilled workforce that must be available to ensure that success,” Rell said in statement.