Best News I have heard in a while!

That old fossil, George McGovern (finally recovering from the beatdown he suffered at the hands of Richard M. Nixon back in 1972), crawled out of his hole earlier today and saw his shadow! Political junkies know that this means at least another six weeks of Democrat primaries.

KSFY reports

Fmr. Sen. George McGovern Switches His Support

By Robert Wilson

A day before Senator Hillary Clinton is scheduled to visit Sioux Falls for a campaign rally, a long time Clinton supporter is backing someone else.

Former Presidential Candidate and South Dakota Senator George McGovern now says he will support Senator Barack Obama.

McGovern told KSFY telling President Bill Clinton about his decision was tough and he expects talking to Hillary will be very painful.

Senator McGovern said he’s thought about switching his support for sometime, but never felt it was the right time to do so until the results from North Carolina and Indiana came in.

In the name of unifying the party behind Barack Obama, McGovern says Hillary Clinton should step aside.

It’s just gotta’ hurt when George McGovern tells you that you can’t win.

“I don’t want to diminish the feeling I have for Hillary Clinton..she’s one of the most intelligent women in this country today,” said Fmr. Sen. George McGovern.

McGovern says it was the way Sen. Obama has planned his campaign and gathered grassroots support. He compares the Illinois Senator’s bid to his own run for the White House in 1972.

From your lips to God’s ears, Sir!

“Nobody thought I had a prayer. Who is this Junior Senator from South Dakota?” said Sen. McGovern.

He was (and is) an obnoxious nobody, and he was (and is) a loser.

And in Obama, McGovern says he sees something special. Something that makes Senator Obama worthy of being compared to someone else from Illinois: Abraham Lincoln.

“I’ve held that bar about as high as you can get it to think you might be another Abraham Lincoln,” said Sen. McGovern.

Interesting! Obama reminds me of….George McGovern!