I expect nothing less from The God of Thunder!

Word is that KISS rocker Gene Simmons has been pressed for comments on the passing of Michael Jackson, but had remained silent since the King of Pop’s death this past Thursday.

Mr. Simmons evidently finally released a statement late on Sunday afternoon, via his Facebook page.

gene-simmons-kiss-demon“[I’ve] gotten a lot of questions from media and from quite a lot of you [regarding] Michael Jackson.

“I have refused all media requests for interviews. There are enough people in the industry being quoted. Some altruistically, some for media coverage.

“Either way… When I was going out with Diana Ross in the early ’80s, I met Michael a few times through her. We spent social time together. Found him to be gentle, charming… obviously very talented. And that was that.

“The Michael of later years is someone I didn’t recognize… nor like very much.

“When there are children involved… when there are allegations (many) of child molestation… when there are admissions of inviting countless young boys to spend weekends and sometimes Michael’s bed with them (Michael’s quote), clothed or unclothed… makes no difference… when there are payoffs to the children making the accusations in the $20,000,000 range ($20 million dollars!!! — as reported by media) ….There’s more than doubt in my mind.

“This doesn’t take into consideration Michael’s children… none of whom are biologically his. All three of whom have had a ‘strange’ upbringing. But then we don’t know much, except a ‘father’ who thought nothing of dangling his young child over the balcony (head covered in a towel), so his fans could get a thrill.

“So what’s my comment regarding Michael’s passing? I hope he finds peace. I wish his family and friends all the best in these very sad times.

“But as regards media coverage: celebs can always get media coverage.

“But what about the children who spent nights with Michael in his bed? (He has admitted on camera he has done it many times, and would continue to do it.) They need a voice. And they should have a chance to have their say. With lie detectors attached. Maybe then, away from rich celebrities, tricky lawyers and L.A. court systems that can’t seem to convict anyone…. maybe then, we’ll find out the truth about child molestation charges leveled at Michael Jackson from children (that’s plural, not singular).

“My comment? I recognize and respect his talent, but the rest is very tainted. And I want to hear the truth, once and for all.”

Gene Simmons: calling it like it is.