Barry thinks Biden is running for President, and Biden reveals Barry’s secret superhero identity!

Well, it didn’t take the Democrat Dynamic Duo long to screw up.

In their first joint-appearance after Barack Obama’s 3:00 AM text message (take THAT, Hillary!), it was The Ted Mack Amateur Hour for the Democrat Braintrust.

First, Barry was so excited that he evidently almost wet his pants, introducing Senator Joe Biden as “the next president…..the next vice president of the United States.”  Well, Barry has a lot on his mind and its a natural mistake, I suppose.  Yep, that Agent of C.H.A.N.G.E. thought that Biden was on top of the ticket!  It’s one thing to talk about much needed change and then actually pick a guy who has been in DC longer than McCain.

I suppose being a liberal democrat means never having to make sense.  But we already knew that.

Not to be outdone, Senator Biden referenced Barry, but in doing so announced him as “Barack America.”  Well, now we know who that masked superhero Barack America really is!  Evildoers will have a field day!  I hear he has a cape and a cool shield!

And I hear Barack America is one clean dude, too!  “That’s a storybook, man!”