Help a lady out!

Looks like one of the ladies working at the recently busted S&M club Rapture NYC is in a bind and is starting a legal defense fund to help cover the legal expense.

I think those Wall Street guys who will benefit from the big Federal bailout should throw some money their way!  After all, the ladies helped them out in the past!

My beloved NY Post reports…



A former dominatrix at the busted Rapture NYC S&M club is cracking the whip – and trying to get supporters to donate to a legal defense fund to help the owner fight prostitution charges, sources said.

A dominatrix who goes by the name of Mistress Ardenne has opened up the fund to help bondage dungeon master Collin Reeve get off – and has even vowed to give part of the proceeds from her own steamy S&M sessions to help support the cause.

“The best thing anyone can do right now is to book a session with me,” she wrote on her blog, announcing the fund. “I will be contributing significantly to the legal defense of those who were arrested.”

She also asked other dominatrixes to donate space for her to perform sessions because Rapture is closed.

The cuffs were slapped on the Manhattan S&M club last week, when Reeve, 35, and bondage babe Gina Noto, 21, were arrested. Reeve was charged with promoting prostitution and Noto was hit with disorderly-conduct charges.

The fund is being organized for Ardenne by the Sexual Freedom Legal Defense and Education Fund.

Valerie White, the head of the group, told The Post yesterday that they were contacted by Ardenne this week and asked to help. She said that performing bondage services is in no way prostitution.

“I think it’s outrageous,” White said. “Assuming their protestations are correct, and they never permitted any sex acts to take place on the premises, then they are not committing the crime they are charged with.”

Members of the bondage community are already rallying to the defense.

“As a friend and teacher to the people at Rapture, I was definitely planning on helping out,” said S&M expert and prominent podcaster Graydancer. “I’ve already encouraged others to do so as well.”

Reeve is free on $30,000 bail. Noto pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and was released.

White said that any money that winds up in the fund will go directly to lawyers for Reeve – and will not be handed over to the S&M shop owner.