I’m with the NYPD on this one

One of the nuisances of big-city living is the ubiquitous presence of bicyclists. Not content with simply obeying traffic rules, following traditional standards of courtesy, and getting their daily exercise by zipping around town, many bicyclists are bent on pushing the envelope.

It’s not enough that these characters are so obnoxious – shaving their legs to minimize wind resistance (as if that’s a big deal when rolling down 2nd Avenue), dressing like court jesters, sticking their derrieres out like the Fleet is in town, and giving dirty looks to drivers and pedestrians as they show little respect for traffic rules.

Enter Critical Mass, a grassroots event that started (where else) in San Francisco. Essentially, on the last Friday of every month, a bunch of bicyclists converge and make a mockery of traffic laws, for the purpose of raising awareness of the self importance of bicyclists.

A common practice is ‘corking,’ a bicyclist stopping the flow of traffic at an intersection so the Critical Massers can roll freely. I suppose to the simple minded this is all cute and defiant, but if there is an ambulance or other emergency vehicle 12 cars down, I am sure the passengers in that car don’t find it very cute or amusing.

So recently, this lawlessness was going on in NYC, and one of the NYPD had enough and body checked one of the court jesters to the ground. This is long overdue – they brazenly break the laws and create a public hazard. While some may see the video and find their sensibilities shocked, I’ll give the benefit of the doubt to the cop – that cyclist may have said something untoward or otherwise antagonized the police officer.

This reaction by law enforcement (and indeed, the law-abiding citizenry) is long overdue!

In solidarity with that NYPD officer (who has been benched pending an investigation), I say we each body check or otherwise attack an obnoxious bicyclist. If we each did it once a day, every day, many 1,000s of these assclowns would be shelved and they might develop a healthy fear of breaking the law.