My Faith in America’s Youth is Strengthened

Detroit City Councilwoman Monica Conyers [D], wife of powerful Democrat Congressman John Conyers, recently had an immature outburst at the Detroit City Council. During her tantrum, she even referred to Council President Kenneth Cockrel Jr. as “Shrek.”

Not long after, Councilwoman Conyers had an educational sit down with a small group of young girls, eager to learn about the halls of government. During that session, Conyers gets taken to the woodshed by a smart and well spoken eighth grade girl named Kierra Bell.

Here’s to you, Miss Bell! Thanks for being the smart, moral, and mature person in this exchange! Please remember that not all adults are as immature, disrespectful, and foolish as Monica Conyers. When most of us do wrong, we don’t try to justify it like she did.

Thanks for holding her accountable, and congratulations on being her intellectual master!


Found this nice follow up story that shows that young Kierra Bell hasn’t let the attention get to her head:

Students receive award for schooling Conyers