The Poor Guy Is Tired

Barry Obama has racked up some impressive wins along the campaign trail, and surprised a lot of people by keeping his rival Hillary Clinton to a narrow win in Indiana a few nights ago. The smart, well spoken Chicago politician has impressed many with his style, which makes this little episode very noticeable.

It’s an easy thing to make fun of, to be sure. Senator Obama is clearly tired after a lot of work campaigning and it was just an innocent mental lapse.

The issue here, of course, is how this would have been handled if a prominent GOPer made the same mistake? President Bush would have been derided as a moron for days, and the video would have made the rounds on tv quite a bit. Senator McCain has taken heat for his age lately, so a similar mistake would have been characterized as old age settling in and the mind losing it’s sharpness.

But even though we have a video, Barry Obama gets a pass. And I think a pass is fair, but similar latitude should be extended to GOPers when appropriate.