Obama sure is a condescending little twerp, huh?

Barry Obama was on the campaign trail, and one of his lines on the stump is to dismiss Joe The Plumber.  Indeed the snarky media is working overtime to discredit Joe – after all, he is just the kind of working class fella that dems consistently tell us they fight for!  So they should keep their mouth shut, know their place, and follow the leader, right Barry?

The fact is, Obama was stung by that little exchange the other day.  He picked the guy from a crowd to speak with him.  This wasn’t a McCain plant or anything ornery.  Obama was just confronted on his policies and was caught flat footed.

After all, how dare a laborer disagree with him?

And back to the clip, just what does that audience find so funny about being a plumber?  Again, liberals will tell you they are for ‘the little guy’ until they are blue in the face, but ultimately they are an obnoxious, condescending bunch.